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Yochana is a multi-award-winning staffing and recruitment company that offers our clients the best candidates both nationally and internationally

The Begining

Established in 2009, Yochana is a leading staffing and recruitment firm, proudly serving clients across the United States and Canada. With a team of over 250+ technologically advanced professionals, including team leaders, account managers, and recruiters, we specialize in delivering exceptional talent acquisition solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expertise spans national and international scales, providing top-tier candidates to meet the evolving needs of our clients.


At Yochana, our mission is to revolutionize the staffing and recruitment industry by providing exceptional outcomes for our clients and candidates. We achieve this by leveraging innovative approaches to talent acquisition and recruitment strategies. Our unique three-phase interview process ensures a seamless connection between top-tier organizations and exceptional talent. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, we empower our clients to make informed hiring decisions and our candidates to achieve their career goals.

We are global We are global

We are global

Since our inception in 2009, Yochana has experienced remarkable year-over-year revenue growth of 90-100%+, solidifying our position as a leading staffing and recruitment firm. We’re proud to have received numerous accolades, including:

BBB Accredited A+ Company

Inc. 500/5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in the USA (3 consecutive years)

Platinum, Silver, and Gold awards from firms like HCL

HCL America’s Star Partner Award (2012-2015) for outstanding commitment and services

These recognitions demonstrate our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional staffing and recruitment solutions

Welcome to Yochana, - innovation meets recruitment excellence!

Break free from the ordinary with Yochana, a pioneering recruitment firm that’s redefining the industry. We don’t just find talent; we craft futures. Our unique approach ensures exceptional candidates at an affordable price. Our process is a passion-driven journey, not just a routine. We empower job seekers to achieve their career aspirations and connect clients with top-tier talent.

Welcome to Yochana, where innovation meets recruitment excellence!

Discovering What Makes Yochana Unique:

Making Extraordinary Things Happen: We are more than just recruiters; we are the conductors of triumphs. Our approach stands out because we love to think outside the box. Excellence is redefined with a blend of affordability and finesse.

Raising the Bar with a Trifecta of Screening Methods: We put each candidate through a rigorous three-part interview process that involves careful evaluation. Only the most outstanding candidates will be considered in this way.

Revolutionizing Seamlessness – The One Point of Contact: Discover the grace of understatement with our one-on-one relationship. All the necessary steps are simplified by having a single point of contact for submissions, scheduling, interviews, onboarding, and billing.

Unveiling the Yochana Difference

Reservoir of Talent – Active and Passive, Embraced: Our candidate reservoir is a treasure trove of both active seekers and those not actively searching. This dynamic pool is nurtured daily with unorthodox sourcing techniques.

Authenticity Woven into Every Strand: Integrity, transparency, and trust – these aren’t just words; they’re the cornerstones of our professional relationships. We’re here to build partnerships on the bedrock of authenticity.

Empowering Affordability: Exceptional doesn’t have to mean exorbitant. Witness competitive rates that align perfectly with your needs and expectations.

Specialization that Resonates: With over 85 specialized recruiters, each a virtuoso in their talent domain, we ensure your needs are met with laser-focused expertise.

Yochana's Role in On-Site Staffing Solutions
Our Core Values

Our culture is built around five key attributes that differentiate us from our competition.

Our culture is built around five key attributes that differentiate us from our competition.​


We are intensely enthusiastic about providing a superior experience.


We are polite and kind to one another, even when it gets tough.


We are empowered to do our jobs and work towards a common goal.


We work as a team and trust each other to create a seamless experience.

Get in Touch

We’re continuing to build our network nationally, bringing together a vibrant team with best-in-class service and technical skills alike. With more than 800 employees across the US, our team is growing fast.

Better together

Work is vital, as we all know, but so is recreation! We value each of our relationships and want to work together in enjoyable ways that both address pressing issues and put a smile on your face.

We enjoy what we do and taking care of our customers. Simply put, life is too short to not savor every moment!

At Yochana, we’re not just recruiters; we’re curators of excellence, pioneers of change, and architects of dreams. Your journey to unmatched talent and unrivaled careers begins here. Let’s redefine success together.